From the day Power Man as a youte went to the studio in and recorded his first tune called 'technicolor'. he has continued to create a sensation since.

With the tune STONE recorded in King Jammy's studio, Power Man exploded with several hits like 'Miss Kill And Bury' 1993 , 'Slim and Trim' 1995 , 'Gal ah Call Mi Name' 1997 and 'Serious Things Ah Guh Happen' 1998.

Powerman has performed internationaly in places such as Canada and the USA, the caribean in Bermuda, Antigua & St Kitts.

He has most definitely performed at local shows including Reggae Sumfest 2000, Reggae Sunsplash 96, Fort Clarence Fresh, West Kingston Jamboree 2002, and Sting 91.92.96 and 2002.

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