"Interview with founder Louis Boston"
Ja-Ja International Record Label Owner
Q. What is unique about your record label - Ja-Ja International?
A. Well, Ja-Ja label is in between a record label and a digital label. The music industry as a whole is moving towards digital phonorecords. Apart from the conventional vinyl 7inch records & CDs, I plan to make the songs we produce available as digital audio files in Japan, Jamaica and in as many music download websites worldwide strictly for online purchase. There is a very large market in Japan and out there globally for the combination tunes we produce and release. So we keep expanding in the digital field and link up with itunes, rapsody, tuchtunes, etc for online sales.

Secondly Ja-Ja international Label website runs an Internet radio station based both in Japan and Jamaica for talk shows with the artist we are working with, and for other independent artists who wants exposure in Japan and in Jamaica. We are broadcasting from Ja-Ja International studio in Osaka, Japan and Kingston Jamaica simultaneously.
Q. Tell us what was your biggest challenge in this new venture?
A. Everything. From registering my Label, designing and copyrighting the logo with a clear-cut concept, setting up my project studio for artist's rehearsal voicing, building a bilingual PC and mobile phone website for the Label and drawing up a bilingual label - artist contract agreement, finding an entrainment lawyer for legal advice, everything was a challenge. As a producer, I technically had to know about how the music business runs both in Japan and internationally. I had to gain in-depth knowledge about copyright, about the label and artists's mechanical and performance rights, publishing rights, recoupable expenses and artists royalties. I also had to make sure of the type of reggae music I really want to produce, the type of riddim and lyrics that can really work both in Japan, Jamaica and internationally, some engineering knowledge about DAW, recording and sound mixing, finding cheaper and better manufacturing and distribution outlets, and the most important challenge was acquiring enough knowledge about digital online download globally. Yeahman its all interesting (laugh).
Q. Do you plan to do compilation album in the future? If so when do you plan to release it?
A. Yeah compilations will be a part of our project. But the music industry now is rapidly moving towards individual downloads of songs - online purchase. A producer doesn't have to wait till he completes a 12 or 15 -song album before he can sell new songs in this digital age. So as long as we have new riddims and artists to voice them, we will be constantly releasing our tracks online and promoting them at the same time.

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