Buccaneer, with his outrageous, operatic style of sing-jaying is the DJ now spawning endless variations among his dancehall competitors.

Buccaneer, born in Kingston, Havendale, started out DJing as a youte. until his big break came in the early 90s with "P-Plus". And in summer of 1996, with "Skettel Concerto" Bucaneer finally established his name.

From JA to the festivals in UK, Buccaneer worked with numerous artists and producers. And while "Bad Man Sonata" is the ultimate anti-rude bwoy talk, he also shows a fusion of hardcore dancehall and string-soaked classicals.

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4F Mitori Art Bldg., 1-9-19,
Chuo-ku, Osaka, JAPAN
Zip-code : 542-0083



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